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The guy is a genius

Blood is red & Shadows are dark.

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Emilia Clarke.


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7E Guest Artist - Daniel Palacios

Daniel Palacios is a multimedia artist with a Masters degree in Art and Technology from Cordoba, Spain.  He creates machines that stir questions about perception, memory, moments, time and space.  When I discovered his installation called Waves, I was enamored by it’s intrinsic beauty which reminds me of audio or ocean waves.  Two machines are programmed to hold long pieces of rope and create unique movements reacting to it’s environment.  

The installation is affected by those who watch it. When the audience moves around it they influence the movements of the rope, generating visual and acoustic sound waves from harmonic patterns to complex ones. Depending on how we may act in front of it, according to the number of observers and their movements, it will pass from a steady line without sound to chaotic shapes of irregular sounds (the more movement there is around the installation) through the different phases of sinusoidal waves and harmonic sounds; examining the action-reaction principle applied to sound and space.”

Watch his vimeo.  


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